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turtle face game is on point. [x]

Winston is the superstar of the school dance that Jess organizes in the “Dance” episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, April 29, 9 pm on FOX.

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kayshieenader asked:
WAIT! What episode was the pictures of Zooey in that yellow dress with the cast on the beach from?!

A deleted scene from episode 3x18 “Sister III” -Sylvia

Anonymous asked:
Nick is drinking wine? That's unusual.

True. But he is

Anonymous asked:
If they are having problems with their relationship, why are they smiling and happy in the promotional photos? I'm confused.

Well, they’re drinking! And they love each other, and love being together..



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Prediction: Nick and Jess in episode 3x23 “Cruise”, Season 3 finale

So this scene, as some of you already said, should happen on the first day of the cruise.

Nick is wearing the same clothes as when the gang arrives on board, Jess has the same hairstyle and earrings

and then that night Jess and Nick promise not to make it weird.

But they’re drinking red wine

they’re too close

he’s making her laugh

and the way they’re looking at each other doesn’t help at all

Will they be able to keep their promise?.. 

Well we know that this cruise “is not going to be an easy thing for the two of them”..

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Anonymous asked:
i think for a moment they will get together in the final episode,but then they will realise they're better as friends

Can we please use another sentence? I really can’t read “they’re better as friends”, how about “they can’t be together now” or “they have growing to do on their own, first”? -Sylvia

Kiss him, Jess!!

I mean, HOW, HOW can you resist?!????!!!!!

Sorry about this..I’m so serious though..I mean look at him..

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These two, guys..

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New Girl episode 3x23 “Cruise” Close-Ups

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Or would you rather have a Pinot Meowoir?

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